What is it?

  • Crayola PlaySand is quite simply an extremely high quality glacial age sand that has been washed and “painted” with a non-toxic color dispersion. High purity quartz sand made up of 99.8% quartz. Quartz is the third hardest natural substance.
  • Crayola Brand name – Represents innovation, fun, kids and quality.
  • Silica – Our product, like typical beach sand, is a quartz/ silica based product . It does not however, contain the dangerous levels of respirable/crystalline silica. In order to get our ACMI (Arts and Creative Materials Institute) certification we had to undergo independent testing at Duke University to ensure that there were not dangerous levels of respirable silica. Unlike beach sand, our sand is screened and washed as well as undergoing dust collection processes throughout it’s production. Had we not passed this certification, many states would require that we include a silica warning on the bag. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we are producing a product that is certified safe for children, and it is held to the highest safety standards. For more specific details, feel free to email our sand specialist – !

ACMI (Arts & Creative Materials Institution) Certified

  • All of our products are independently tested at Duke University to ensure that our pigments were non toxic and that dangerous levels of respirable silica were not present.
  • The non-toxic acrylic colorant dispersions are water based so they are friendlier for the environment during the coloring process.

Virtually Dust-Free / 100% Asbestos Free

  • Unlike beach sand, our sand is screened and washed as well as undergoing dust collection processes throughout it’s production. An additional de-dusting is done even after sand has washed and graded. This is done to remove any potential residual dust.


  • Along with the testing by Duke we have recently had additional testing done by Bio-ScienceLaboratories, Inc to test for additional allergen and irritation information. The results have come back that none of our components are considered irritants to the skin or orally.
  • Our quartz sand resists abrasion better than typical sands. Each grain of sanded has been screened and is completely round – giving it a smooth sugary soft feel.

Clean and Metal Free

  • Absolutely no chemicals are used in washing! Sand is washed in extremely hot water. Unlike some sand companies – No anti-fungal materials are placed in the sand. Before bagging – Crayola PlaySand is run through a rare earth magnet to make sure there is no metal in the sand. Then run through a Sweco screen to remove any possible foreign material that may have contaminated the sand during transportation. This is done to ensure a safe contaminant free sand!
  • To give you some insight into our process the sand in our bags is washed then screened before entering our production line. From that point it directly enters the coloring/coating process where it passes through a continuous “tube” of pigment. (If by some chance a fungus or bio-material survived that process it then would immediately enter a dryer that heats the sand to 250 degrees.)


  • Designed to be submerged 100% in water without color fade or bleed.
  • QC performed on the sand includes tests for color removal and grade after the sand is coated. These tests are performed every hour during production.
  • UV protection is built in to the dispersion so the color doesn’t fade over time.


  • Currently we offer the colors: GREEN, BLUE, PINK, and PURPLE. Perfect for colorful Sand-castles!! Crayola PlaySand can be used as a craft sand as well as a sand-box sand. Available in 20lb bags or 5lb craft buckets.

Is it safe for pets?

  • We get several inquiries about pet safety year round, and want to assure you the pigments or bonding agents are certified non-toxic through Duke University. However, no official animal testing has been done. All initial inquiries have been followed up on and to date not a single pet has been lost or fallen ill. However if you encounter any problems please let us know immediately.

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